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Message par kadu-c le Ven 18 Aoû - 17:26

Un grand merci à SSB pour avoir fait cette liste bien pratique ! cheers

Voilà donc les Champions accessibles en Turone Cup (en résumé : ceux du LRB 6, BB 2016, les suppléments Death Zone, et Grak & Crumbleberry vu qu'ils ont été bien nerfés ces deux là).
Les Champions Bugman's ne sont donc pas autorisés.


Death Zone

Swift Reaction :
While one of the Swift twins is in the Dead & Injured box, the other Swift twin looses the Loner skill.

Warhammer World : Grak & Crumbleberry V2

Kick Team-Mate :
When a player with this skill makes a Blitz Action, they can kick an adjacent team-mate (who must have the Right Stuff skill) instead of throwing a block. No Block roll is made; instead, the target player is kicked as though they were a ball! The coach declares whether they will roll a D6 for a short kick or 2D6 for a riskier long kick. If they rolled 2D6 and scored a double, the kicker has been a little too enthusiastic; make an Injury roll for the target player, treating Stunned results as KO’d (if they were carrying the ball, it bounces from the square they were in).

Otherwise, the kicked player is moved (in a straight line) directly away from the kicking player’s square a number of squares equal to the total that was rolled on the dice. Then they scatter three times. The kicked player does not count as entering any square they move through except the one they end up in after scattering.

If the kicked player moves off the pitch, they land among the crowd (never a pleasant fate!) and are sent to the KO’d box of the team’s Dugout. If they were carrying the ball it will be thrown back on as normal, starting from the last square the player moved through before leaving play.

If the final square they scatter into is occupied by another player, treat the player landed on as Knocked Down and roll for Armour (even if already Prone or Stunned), and then the player being kicked will scatter one more square. If this moves them onto another player, continue to scatter them until they end up in an empty square or off the pitch. Note that only the first player they land on is Knocked Down.

Then see the Right Stuff entry to determine how gracefully the player lands – where that skill refers to thrown players, it should be read as also referring to kicked players. If the player moved 6, 7 or 8 squares (before scattering), the Landing roll
has a -1 modifier; if they moved 9 or more (before scattering), the Landing roll has a -2 modifier.

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